Finance Controlling - effective control system for finance management!

- Effective cash flow forecasting and management instruments

- Smart managerial decisions based on time-proven algorithms

- Accessible and user-friendly system

- Suitable for all types of business


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“Finance-Controlling” system capabilities

Forecasting and online management

This financial system builds an algorithm to combine all sources of income and thus creates a clear and accurate forecast of the future revenues for both the current and the following months.

Cash flow and cash deficit management

Finance-Controlling system will show you in advance which days the cash is enough for safe withdrawal and when there is a shortage.

Based on a smart strategy and algorithms, it makes it easy to effectively manage the cash flow statement and forecast a reliable budget for the whole year.

Multi-user account and data security

Every cash register office has their independent secure account while at the same time the business owner has an access to the whole system and is able to see the big picture.

All data is encrypted and transferred to the Amazon servers. The system has a Class A certificate.

Learning anytime, anywhere

With Finance-Controlling you can go deep into the cash management without being distracted from your business.

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Finance-Controlling system versus Excel files or Accountant


All data at the "Finance-Controlling" system is encrypted. Versus the unprotected Excel-files which are very easy to be copied and released.

Multi-user account

Up to 50 employees can work in one account, and they will have access only to the data that the business owner allows them to view or edit. Versus Excel files having no privacy and protection.

Focus on strategy and forecasting

"Finance-Controlling" is designed to use the data for forecasting and strategic planning process. Versus accounting which is focused on cash flow operations statement.

Fast and free installation and launch

Based on many years of expertise in financial management, our experts will help you to launch "Finance-Controlling" system fast and free. Versus integration of “the right Excel” that may take years to become really effective.

Technical Support

We are here to guide you at every step of your decision making process. You can always get an advice which tool to use and which area to focus on.


There is always an open access to up-to-date information, articles, webinars and seminars for you to effectively manage your finances.


Money shortage

Insolvency to pay the bills and meet financial obligations.

Cash deficiency

Profit is stated but cash is not available.

Business owners don’t get profit

Difficulty to extract profits from the business for personal use.


Ensuring financial solvency

90% accuracy in cash flow forecasting at the very beginning of the month and ability to meet all financial obligations.

Creating reserves and surplus funds

Following payment policies and regulations lead to accumulation of surplus funds and creation of company reserves.

Business owners do receive profit

Ensuring financial solvency, you can have a guaranteed systematic profit extraction which becomes a regular practice.

Testimonials – what our customers say about us

I’ve been using the “Forecasting” and “Cash Flow Management” instruments for more than 8 years. My business specification requires high payment accuracy, precision and regularity. I had a great experience and, what is more important, great result with "Finance-Controlling" team supervision and guidance.

Sergey Frolov

Founder & Owner of “Kompas-Intek”

I first felt a tremendous effect of “Forecasting” and “Cash Flow management” instruments and techniques 14 years ago. For many years our company has been using this system for solvency, stability and assurance of our business. Great service and great tools! Can’t recommend more!

Nikolay Shkliaev

Managing director of the chain of stationary stores “Topoliok”

At first I was really skeptical about the concept of the “Finance-Controlling”. I tend to believe that forecasting never works and my only tool in running a successful business should be focusing and reacting on today’s tasks. After some time and with professional guidance I couldn’t believe the results. I start my every morning with forecasting practice and I’m grateful for introducing me to the “Cash flow management” system and instruments. Thank you and all the best for your team!

Dudchenko Aleksey Vasilyevitch

Managing Director of “MarketSpetsService” Company

I’ve been using “Finance-Controlling” software for around a year and I clearly see the results. My business process has become more manageable and financially stable. I just stopped worrying about the end of month financial obligations as the whole operational process became so clear and predicted. It made my life easier, and I recommend it to all my partners and business owners. It really worth the investment!

Galina Shevel

Owner of “”

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Personal financial management

1 cash register

1 user

Forecasting – n/a
Cash Flow - $3


Small business and entrepreneurs

3 cash registers

6 users

Forecasting -$12
Cash Flow -$15


Medium size business and internet shops

10 cash registers

20 users

Forecasting - $18
Cash Flow -$21


Large organizations and Chain stores

25 cash registers

50 users

Forecasting -$24
Cash Flow -$30


Large organizations and Chain stores

25 cash registers

50 users

Cash Flow

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Vyacheslav Shatillo

Founder, PhD in business and economics, Business coach 40 years of expertise

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Financial Adviser 8 years of expertise

Tereshchenko Elena


Petrusha Svitlana


Our partners in other cities and countries

Jaime Antonio Tello Rivera

MSc. in Engineering, Financial and Business Coach, Investor and licensed «Finance-Controlling» Consultant.

Lima, Peru


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Our system is designed based on time-proven mathematical and forecasting algorithms.

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