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  • Just 10 minutes to full vision business pictures
  • "Tunnel" logic, so every next step is clear
  • Does not require economic education
Forecast and planningsimply
  • Author's method, proven in practice since 1996
  • Revenue forecast and cash gaps
  • Converts "paper money" into real profit
Data securitysafe
  • The service has end-to-end data encryption
  • Servers are located in EU
  • Three levels of access to service functions
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    Grant access to assistants, who will write down data in a timely manner (accountant, director, cashier)
  • Amount of reporting centers
    Sources of receiving funds from customers (cash desk/department/store/city...)
  • Cash flow management module
    An intelligent payment card that helps to make the right management decisions
  • Forecast module
    Forecast of cash coming to the cash register
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Reviews about us
Pilipov Sergii Owner of the company "Grafix"
Our financial accounting in this program... I recommend it!
Terekhova Yana Founder and business coach "Schools of financial managers"
Everyone should know about this service does business
Frolov Serhii Owner of the company "Compass-Intek"
Unfortunately, 10 years ago there were no such services
Frolov Serhii Owner of the company "Compass-Intek"
Unfortunately, 10 years ago there were no such services
Pilipov Serhii
Terehova Yana
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Popular questions FAQ
Why is the service similar to Excel or Google spreadsheet?
We created this service on purpose that most managers already have the ability to work with tables so it will be convenient for everyone to understand the logic of our service.
Can we trust your revenue forecasting methodology?
Trust will appear after 3-4 weeks of practice. Of course, there are no perfect matches so a forecast that is over 92% is considered extremely accurate and from 80 to 92% is simply accurate. These guidelines are enough for your business to operate sustainably.
What about the security of my data?
We comply with technical and information security standards. Technically we are using Amazon servers and we are undergoing personal certification annually. The informational service does not contain any information about your activities.
If I have several projects or points of sale, can they be managed separately?
It is possible but first we recommend moving in the direction from a general solution to a specific one.
How often should I enter data? Can I do this once a week/month?
The formula for success consists of 3 minutes a day and 10 minutes at the end of the month. Daily discipline will ensure results. The service itself will tell you what data needs to be filled in.
Is it possible to download information from the service?
No, for corporate security reasons we do not provide this feature. This does not affect the quality of the decisions made. Tested by practice :)
Why is there no possibility of integration with other services and banking?
If there are errors in the accounting systems around you, they will automatically end up in related services. “Finance-Controlling”, on the contrary, is designed to promptly detect any form of errors in accounting.
What are the levels of access to the Finance-Controlling account?
Administrator - the account creator with full rights; Manager - can be limited by the administrator in the rights to view and edit data; User - minimum acceptable capabilities.
Can I use the online service on a smartphone?
No, this is one of the principles of quality management - the document should always be perceived holistically, then it will prompt a solution and prevent you from making a mistake.